Are you struggling to feel Calm? Is fear limiting your life or dimming your light? Are you suffering from anxiety, overthinking or overwhelm?

My name is Angelina and I make the journey with others through fear toward peaceful, grounded living.

The Four Pathways To Mental Health

Physical Pharmacy
Soul Nourishment

The four pathways offer meaningful long term mental wellbeing. Managing mind, environment, accessing our physical pharmacy and finally soul nourishment. A process that looks at the bigger picture of mental health, connecting to whole person healing in a collaboration of mind, body and spiritual health.

You can break the cycles of fear & anxiety for long term change

A little about me

This journey stems from my own experience of anxiety, therapeutic study, mental health support inside private practice and many volunteer roles over the past 10 years.

Building foundations that support calm & cultivate peace. Working together to move forward with courage and joy.



  • The Jump
    I jumped Windmill arms Adrenaline pumping Heart thumping I’m a dip my toe in the water kind of gal One foot on the boat One foot on the shore…
  • The dark
    “Today I feel negative”. It was a fleeting social post by a present day spiritual teacher. A confession that she didn’t continually live her life ‘in the light’. The…
  • The School Run
    A modern day metaphor. Squeezed down narrow lanes, congested places, the pressure of tight spaces. The ticking clock  inside your head counting down teardrop pins points on the map….