Working together 1-1

Working together 1-1 moves at a pace set by you as we explore what works for you rather than a generic prescription.

What are they for? 

  • Generalised anxiety and panic recovery.
  • Burnout and stress management support.
  • Anxiety induced insomnia.
  • Overcoming fear to move forward in life with confidence and courage. 
  • Anxiety due to life stage or health condition. I have successfully worked in palliative care, with long term health conditions and with anxiety in menopause. 

What we achieve in individual sessions:

  • We aim to restore a degree of calm, balance and control from day one.
  • Look to uncover the root cause of your suffering.
  • Engage in learning that empowers you to take control of your mental or physical health.
  • Work on all levels where necessary (physical, psychological and spiritual).
  • Set goals towards making any necessary life changes.
  • Develop a lifestyle that supports you in the face of ongoing external demands.
  • Learn how to manage thoughts and emotions.
  • To be aware of the flow between external productivity and rest periods.
  • Give you the tools that help manage your daily life with joy.

What to expect.

During our sessions together I work with a non-directive approach.

This means you keep control over the pace and content of the session. I offer a safe space to journey on a path to recovery. I provide knowledge and expertise with tailored learning and tools and together we co create the process of self-discovery, healing and self-empowerment.

All sessions are bound by client confidentiality and I hold full professional practice, public and product liability insurance.  

Current booking options:

In person sessions at various location options

Individual sessions via telephone or zoom call.

I will endeavor to hold the 1-1 sessions in a way that suits you best.

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