Connecting to your higher self.

I used to think that the term higher self-referred to a spectral  part of us, floating way up in the ether. Perhaps sitting on a cloud, like monkey magic that I used to love watching as a child. It conjured the celestial, a body connected to me yet aside from this earthy existence.  I figured this entity had a better vantage point. Much like a giraffe with its head amongst the highest branches of the tree. For this reason the term higher self would catch my eye. Who doesn’t want to access great insight and wisdom. It sounded like a privileged club for the truly connected and I wanted in.   

This lead to much concerted effort. I would spend hours lighting incense, listening to guided meditations (I even brought a zafu), wafting sage, chanting mantras and placing crystals at every point I thought relevant. I visualised,  cleared chakras  and googled for guidance. As wonderful as these practices are they never brought me the connection I sought.

The thing to understand is that your higher self doesn’t need to be sought or brought. It needs to be felt and heard. It is the unadulterated emotion that we do not try to numb or distract. It is the quiet voice that cannot be heard above the incessant din of modern living. It is the pace maker with which we are often so out of step.  

When I first encountered my higher self It wasn’t floating in the clouds. There was no great act of transcendence or meditative concentration. I had lit no incense, placed no crystals, played no music. There was an absence,  a space, with only the sounds of the breeze as I sat in the healing seat of nature.

Be quiet


Let go


Throughout the history of our civilisation all great thinkers and philosophers have pointed to the answers within. Deep inside of you, beyond the noise, left of the hubbub and right of distraction. It’s in an often uninhabited space of non-attachment with a side door of curiosity.

If you are struggling to hear it’s because you do not know how to listen.

If you are struggling to connect its because you are afraid to feel.

“ If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead.” Buddha 

When you first dial down the noise the internal chatter will be deafening. You will hear echoes of the past and projections of the future. Mutterings of the present pulling you toward your next doing.

With practice this reduces to a level that allows glimpses of potential. You see, your higher self holds immense wisdom and knowing. A perception ordinarily clouded by our obsession with unceasing action. Let the goal setter go. Listen without expectation or intention. Try not to cling to outcomes. To sit and listen allows you to attend to your bigger questions. Practise pure listening and allow the insights to flow to you.  Be nourished by the guidance readily available when we choose to simply sit in peace and hear. By attending to your inner world, your outer world will flow.       

Make up your mind that you will become the seeker of your own higher self. Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

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