Mindfulness practice for anxiety

Standing at your door

When I first arrived at my door I wondered how I became so lost. Years of wandering around following expectations, believing false projections, running on auto pilot, dulling my senses and allowing my untamed thoughts free reign. Keeping me small, overly busy and afraid.  Declining mental health brought me to this point, which I’m now…

The benefits of a hug

The Hug

My husband used to greet my Grandma with the biggest hug. He is Italian and they tend to be more tactile than the Brits, to my discomfort at times (I am not naturally touchy feely). My Grandma was a classy lady by any standard. Graceful, beautiful, elegant, Smart and accomplished in an old school way,…

Read this before visiting your GP with anxiety

Read this before vising your GP for anxiety

When anxiety first appears or existing symptoms spiral beyond control the GP surgery is most likely the first port of call. Often we don’t understand where the uncomfortable feelings are coming from or what is actually happening to us. It is frightening and debilitating but It’s reassuring to know that we have medical care available…

Can CBD oil help with anxiety

Can CBD help with anxiety?

A United States cross sectional study (1) in 2018 found that anxiety was in the top three reasons for taking CBD oil alongside pain management and depression. The most recent psychiatric morbidity survey (2000) indicates that there are 3 million people in the UK suffering from an anxiety disorder. This makes it a common problem…