Green Goddess

In 2015 I began developing 3 products inside my practice for the many women I had seen with anxiety and stress management issues. I started out at the kitchen table with sacks of superfoods to be hand blended into Mum on the Run, Gym Bunny and Golden Goddess. Private prescriptions expanded to event sales and local supply. Friends recommended to friends and demand grew to the point that I eventually decided to set up a separate wellness business to represent my products. Green Goddess was born. A website launch followed n 2016 with an 18 month stay in an entrepreneurial accelerator. Many collaborations and product launches have followed.

In 2016 I worked in palliative care helping others choosing to remain at home in their final days. It was at this time that I discovered CBD and began researching this amazing plant medicine. Two years later after many trials and formulations our first official CBD range was launched. I continue to work with cannabinoid medicine and have continued to expand our range.