My name is Angelina and I support others in overcoming anxiety, panic and managing stress. For some, anxiety feels like it has suddenly arrived and for others it has  been in the background for as long as they can remember. It can be linked to life events or circumstances or simply the overwhelm of life itself. I have both witnessed and experienced debilitating fear and it doesn’t discriminate, from children with anxiety to those in palliative care. It occurs at the beginning to the end of life and during those times between. Within my practice I I take all my learning and lived experience to work with a personalised solution, lead by you.

I contribute to media, speak on issues of mental health and write for online and print publications.

Founder of Green Goddess, I am an advocate of plant medicine and natural health in supporting our wellbeing. Our work extends to products, community building and coaching for healthier minds and bodies.

My work brings together many disciplines including health coaching, cognitive based therapy, mindfulness and plant medicine, which always includes the food we choose to eat.

  • Certified Health & Wellness Coach
  • Member of The National Council of Psychotherapists.
  • Member of the Association for Coaching. 
  • Member of The Complimentary Medical Association.
  • Advanced diploma in nutrition.
  • Foundation in Herbal Medicine
  • Member of the UK Health Coaches Association.
  • Volunteer Counsellor